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Final day of Public Finance and Management training session (Brussels session)


After two weeks of intensive training, on 16/11/2018 the school completed its course with six presentations by the participating students on the topics they have selected. The participants, in total 32 officials from the National Treasury of South Africa, made presentations outlining the topics they are planning to research in groups of 5-6 over the next three months as part of their assignments—graduation theses. The covered topics are:

  • Universal health coverage in South Africa

  • Special economic zones and growth

  • Dependency on social grants

  • Strategies on intervention in distressed municipalities and provincial departments

  • E-procurement

The students await two deadlines. The first will be on December 16, when they will submit their first paper draft in order to receive feedback from the supervisors. The final deadline for the final submission is set for January 2019.

As part of the course the students were trained on writing scientific papers for the purpose of policy recommendation. On the second day of the course, the students received a special seminar on research papers and academic writing, which helped them to outline their research. Since then the students have also had the chance to learn about recent economic research and trends in their areas of study, which were  chosen in collaboration with  the academics and experts engaged in this two-week intensive course—9 lectures.

The PFM team is looking forward to meeting the students again during the second session of the course, planned for February 2019, which will take place in Pretoria. The February session will include a second round of classes, but the students will also defend their research after submitting the final versions of their theses.