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Jacques Vanneste

Peter Claeys

Peter Claeys is an Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in the research group APEC. He obtained his Ph.D. at the European University Institute, and after a Marie Curie Fellowship at AQR, became an Assistant Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona. His work focuses on the econometric modelling of various aspects of fiscal policy, including the macroeconomic effects of government spending, fiscal consolidation, spillover of budget decisions, fiscal federalism and more generally the interaction between monetary and fiscal policies. He has worked on various projects on fiscal policy for the European Commission, the ECB, the OECD, the European Parliament, and the Spanish and Swedish government. He is coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Master on Globalisation and European Integration, and Research Fellow at the United Nations University.

Jacques Vanneste is full professor in economics at the University of Antwerp and visiting professor at KU Leuven University. He teaches macro-economics, public finance and financial markets. He has been Dean, Faculty of applied economics, KU Leuven-campus Kulak; Chairman, Department in Economics, University of Antwerp and Chairman, Education Council, Faculty of Applied Economics, University of  Antwerp. In 1986 he was the winner of bi-annual prize for ‘Economics and Finance’ (10.000 ECU) for the best PhD thesis in Belgium. His current research is focussed on tax systems in the OECD and on macro-economic stability in the Eurozone.

Achtee Al Yussef

Achtee Al Yussef is PhD candidate at the department of Applied Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He conducts research in the field of development economics with a focus on the political economy of natural resources and economic development in resource-based economies. He also assists in teaching macroeconomics at the VUB faculty of Social Sciences & Solvay Business School. Achtee has worked as research assistant at the KU Leuven, and as a teacher of Macroeconomics and Iraq Economy in Erbil, Iraq.

Helena Sanz-Morales

Helena Sanz-Morales is a researcher at the Applied Economics department at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel where she is also a teaching assistant in the Business Economics programme. Her research interests include international macroeconomics and fiscal policy and politics. Her current work focuses on fiscal sustainability, design of fiscal policies, and their macroeconomic effects.